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Mort started work on his first novel in 2001, The Quince Seed Potion, which has been released in November of 2004. Mort still resides in Houston, and he calls his two daughters-Sahar Claire and Yasmine Grace.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Morteza Baharloo was born in the Fars province in Darab, in southern Iran. As a precocious, curious youth, Mort developed a keen interest in poetry and fiction, and wrote a number of short stories in his early teens.Like many who lived in contemporary Iran, Mort was intoxicated by the nectar of American culture as a teenager, despite the current political events that separated Iran from the United States. Mort was displaced to Salt Lake City for his final year of high school. He and the fifty other Iranian youths who had also immigrated to Utah for similar circumstances shocked the conservative Mormon city.After high school, Mort wished to pursue literature and the arts. However, due to eventual extortion from his family, he had no choice but to study pharmacy, his mother decrying, "We won't send you any money if you want to study ridiculous things like that!" And even though Mort was determined to decline familial terrorism, he knew he must appease his mother's wishes.After Mort finished pharmacy training, he determined that a sound financial base was a necessary precursor to pursuing his literary passions.Mort returned to painting, poetry, and other literary pursuits during the mid 1990s. He started an obsessive campaign of reading, researching, and writing.